teenagers inc.

Servicing Northwest Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


  • What Is Teenagers, Inc. ?

    Teenagers, Inc. is a non profit located in the Northwest Section of Philadelphia. Our organization creates local and international service, recreation, and job opportunities for middle and high school students! Teenagers, Inc. is ideal for anyone interested in meeting people from different schools and neighborhoods, have the desire to make a difference in our city and in the world, and be apart of something bigger than themselves.

    We partner closely with Chestnut Hill Community Association, Chestnut Hill Business Association, Face to Face in Germantown, Nuestros Ahijados in Guatemala.

  • Mission Statement

    To blend pre-teensand teens from various schools in the fabric of their near and greatercommunity through involvement in service ,educational and recreational programsthus promoting an understanding of intergenerational, racial and socialdifferences.