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Welcome to 

Costa Rica

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Bienvenidos a costa rica!




Pura Vida! Pure life in the "happiest country in the world". Live with a family, meet Tico high school students, work on projects of sustainability in the small Turrialba community.

In Costa Rica, we have been a part of Barrio San Rafael, Turrialba for 10 years. We have rehabbed soccer fields and playgrounds, worked on sustainability projects, have a long standing relationship with local elementary schools and high schools, and worked with seniors. The adventure is amazing. Whitewater rafting on one of the top rivers in the world, zip-lining over the canopy of tropical rainforest, and hikes to waterfalls are all part of our adventure.



Become immersed in  charming little town at the base of an active volcano where the homestay moms keep you well fed and well loved. Whitewater raft on one of the top rivers in the world. Zip-line through the canopy of tropical rain-forest  and test your bravery and stamina with breath taking hikes and thrills of eco-tourism at its

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Costa rican life

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