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Some suggested items to donate would be:

  • School supplies (Notebooks, crayons, pens,pencils, markers, glue, graph & lined paper, backpacks, Spanish books,folders scissors, sharpeners

  •  Art (Colored pencils, tempera &watercolor paints (6), yarn, crochet needles)

  •  Sports equipment (deflated basketballs,soccer balls)

  • Small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap,lotion, combs & razors

  • Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, & Wet Wipes

  •  Medicine for Nebulizers & Band-Aids,Stethoscopes, Syringes, Hemostats, Vitamins, & over-the-counter medicationslike Ibuprofen & Tylenol

  • Prescription medicines like antibiotics  *CAN’T BE EXPIRED!

  • Tools- Hand saws, trowels and levels,screwdrivers hammers, etc.

  • Diapers (0-12 Mos.) wipes, bottles, rashcream, baby shampoo & soap

  • Children’s & women’s clothing &shoes, rain jackets, boots & ponchos

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