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From the Gardening Angels to Global Citizens

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Teens Inc Teaching Entrepreneurship for Life through

Local Service, Conscientious Fundraising, Global Immersion.

The Global Classroom Project is a curriculum,  process, and ecosystem designed to empower young people to give back to their local communities, create an ethical start-up business as a funding platform, and gain transformative global competency while gaining valuable 21st century leadership, mindfulness, entrepreneurial, and collaboration skills. We aim to help students and teachers to see the world differently inside and outside of the classroom.  We call the three phases of the ecosystem: On the Ground, In the Clouds and Around the Planet

Below is the calendar of local service conscientious fundraising opportunities and global citizenship. This is the map for our journey. Your teen will earn the service and immersion trip while making a difference along the way. Several more service opportunities will be added to the calendar and these events act as a way to build and prepare the strongest team possible

Timelines and Milestones 2019-2020




  • Wednesday 11 @ 7 PM  Guatemala and Costa Rica Trip Informational Meeting at Teens Inc CHAPERONES WELCOME!!!


FIRST ROUND paperwork due October 1 and Initial deposit due $500 for a $300 discount.



Initial Deposit Due Oct 31

  • Friday 4th First Friday iNc SpOt oPeN

  • Saturday 5th -  GRAND OPENING Spanish Cafe 9-1 


Wednesday after school VIBE @ the Inc Spot is open. Check the calendar.



Payment Due Wednesday 6th

Payment Due = $250


Payment Due Saturday 7th

Payment Due = $250

  • Sunday, Dec 1st LAST DAY for FULL TRIP Refund 

  • Wednesday 4th - Teens Inc is open. Check Calendar.

  • First Friday 6th - INc Spot Event 

  • Saturday 7th - Payment Due $250 and Parent Trip Meeting

  • Friday 13th Super Hereos' Beef and Beer

  • December 22nd Service



Payment Due Saturday 11th

Payment Due = $250

  • Saturday 4th - Inc Spot Open

  • Saturday 11th ALL Student Travelers' Meeting:  Second Round of paperwork, 4th Payment due, Carnival Meeting. 10a - 12


Payment Due Friday 7th

Payment Due = $250



Payment Due Friday 7th

Payment Due = $250



Payment Due Saturday 7th

Payment Due = $250

  • Friday, April 3rd - First Friday OPEN MIC

  • Saturday, April 4th Open House / Traveler Meeting 6th Payment due Travel Logistics, FAQ’s 

  • Saturday Cradles to Crayonsra

  • Earth Day Clothing Drive


Payment Due Saturday 18th



  • OMC Second Collection and Teens Inc booth

  • Trip to Guatemala  June 12 - 21st

  • Welcome back celebration and share out

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