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Trust the Process

Dream Flip Flow Realize

We engage Teens Inc a process based on a curriculum called Mind Your Business. Through Dream, Flip, Flow, Realize teens ...

  • Create the opportunities that direct their future through their special blend of talents. Clearly identify who they truly are and turn their dreams into actions.

  • Apply a philosophical framework for looking at life in which they take responsibility for where their are in the present and designing methods to resolve cycles of conflict.

  • Gain an enduring realization that helping others is the path to success.

Say What Now?

This process plays out in a four step ecosystem. Dream , Flip, Flow, Realize can also be called...

Orientation, Preparation, Execution, and Reflection. 

  • Get to know who we are and what we care about. Learn about Teens Inc.

  • Ask, "How can I help?" Prepare for a service project.

  • Dreams into action: Dive in to the joy of service.

  • Reflect and Realize - Doing to Learn > Learning to Do We take the time to reflect on our learning and plan for the future.

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Acting locally to create something good, meet Walter. He has created Phillyosophy, a monthly poetry night at the Inc Spot. Not only has he started a poetry night to help him and other teens express themselves, he has created a revenue stream to help him earn his trip to Guatemala. He use his talent for writing as well as his knack for art to create the flyers. See below.


Meet Chenelle (bottom middle). Chenelle came to Teens Inc to travel. Yet she struggled to get her paperwork completed, couldn’t coordinate her mom’s 24 hour work schedule to attend meetings, and she is often responsible for her younger brother’s pick up and care. Born in Jamaica, Chenelle came to the US two years ago. She came through the doors of Teens Inc in October. She said to me, “You know what I want to do? Start a support group for immigrant teens who have gone through the hard time I have experienced. To support one another.”


Fast forward almost four months later, Chenelle has organized a small group of immigrant teens in her Teens Immigrant Network Community (Teens INC) to do service, meet, talk, and listen, and have fun together.  


Teens Inc is designed to empower Teens to Create Good. Teens Inc helps teens see the world differently. Teens Inc is producing global citizens. Teens will be the change, if they can see the possibility.


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