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Teens Inc Leadership Team: Our Stories
Russ Ahna
Mt Airy

Torture lies beneath this skin.

The laurel wreath is growing thin.

We are throwing down the lustrous crowns

Because within us we feel it bound.


Bound by paper, green in its color;

Bound by staying bonded with each other;

Bound by wolves that call our names

To choose to be wild or make ourselves tame.


Pull them up and stretch them out;

These whispered words made loud as shouts.

Don't be mistaken, we'll make our marks;

Our voices carving, they'll break your heart.


But if these walls fell on themselves

I'd still have nothing else to tell;

Tears falling now, And to the ground,

Where flowers grow until feet come pound;

Where flowers grow; feet crush and compound.


Mortar and pestle ground down the life:

It ripped down the joy and put up the strife.

It pulls out the strings of piano, guitar;

Stripped down the dreams; tore down the stars


Rusty places, random faces, just lips moving never staying

Whipped and beaten Stripped mistreated Keep obeying Never swaying


Courage fading

Life awaiting

People praying

War is razing


Fight to your last breath

And don't let it go.

Hold it tight;

Be solid as stone.


We fight with our smiles

We fight with our words

We fight with these styles

This benevolent couture


Skaters Painters Waiters

No haters Players Gamers Strayers

from Feigners

Believers and Trailblazers

Creators and groundbreakers


And we are the future because we are the fray

And We make the sun shine brighter for the next day.

We move the mountains and we turn the tides.

We the Worn Youth will give our all for all of our lives.


Worn Youth  by Russ-Ahna Davenport


Newsworthy, Opinions, Poetry, Editorials (NOPE).


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Karmen, 18

at least once a day

a thought of you plants itself in my mind

a small, tiny seed

making the curves and indents and niches in my head

its new home

it cultivates


consumes me

the more i entertain this thought,

the more i breathe life into it

in a matter of seconds

this little thought

this little seed

has manifested

into a grandiose tree

of hope

a majestic, monumental tree

with budding flowers

of all the colors i saw in your eyes

adorning each branch,

each leaf

beautiful, thick vines

of every word you said

coiling up on eachother

and reaching out to me

wrapping around me

and coaxing me into this tree of hope

awe erupts within me

shining through every pore

and my eyes lay upon every single




that has flourished so beautifully

and eradicated any other thought i'd had running through my mind


just as quickly it comes,

reason and doubt taint my mind

the purity and clarity that had been flashing like a flood in me

become darkened by the depths of


Reason and Doubt

grab ahold of

hideous axes

monstrous chainsaws

and this extravagant, grand tree

this thought of you

is mauled,

the life being destroyed

with every smack against the trunk

with every second the chainsaw demolishes the wood

i watch


as the thought of you

the thought that brought me happiness

is destroyed,

completely and utterly


Karmen attends New Foundations Charter School in the Northeast. She just hosted Teens Inc first gallery show and sold four pieces. It was a huge success.  She is a writer and has a face painting business for your next event. She is a teen on the move. She submitted Severed as our first installment of Teens Ink.

Kiana, 19
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